TEGEA Technika & Ekologia ® was established in 1997 and has a long experience in government administration, local government administration, workmanship and professional qualifications.

The pillars of the company are: interdisciplinary expertise and appropriate application of domestic and EU law. It provides consulting services and professionally performs documentation, design and research work that requires observance of applicable domestic and EU laws, delivers services for enterprises, such as regulation of their formal and legal situation with regard to environmental protection.

TEGEA ® provides consulting services pertaining to legal environmental protection and application of domestic and EU law by the local government bodies and other domestic institutions established to create law and adapt domestic law to EU regulations on environmental protection, nature protection, water management, and waste management. To accomplish these important objectives, TEGEA® entrusts work to highly qualified employees and experienced staff exclusively.

The company consistently implements its fixed objectives, i.e. performance of work with full responsibility for its high quality and conformity with law. Strict requirements regarding the inspection and supervision system have enabled TEGEA to implement many difficult projects and procedures for our customers.

The company’s activity brings lasting successful results for public administration bodies and other customers using the services of TEGEA®. This obliges TEGEA® to maintain the highest possible level of performance and high quality of consulting services, work and research.


TEGEA Technika & Ekologia®

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